Partner With El Shaddai to Reaching The Nations…

We are looking for Partners who have a heart for the work in Africa first and establishment of further work throughout Europe and America. We have begun networking with many leaders within each of these countries already. In addition, there have been other countries who have contacted us to become a part of the networking process through contact with their fellow Christian brethren who have already partnered with us and shared the call and vision of this ministry. This will take people who are dedicated to seeing the unity of the Body of Christ become a reality and the answer of the prayer of Jesus Christ, who prayed for His church that they might become One.

What kind of Partners are we seeking for?

Christian Pastors and Leaders who desire to network globally by building relationships. Who are willing to open their location or region up to conduct conferences and host anointed men and women of God. Thus, in addition this will in turn open up areas globally for their own ministry to also have access to solid referrals who have become networking partners with us. It will be those who are willing to give as well as receive the support of this ministry as the networking base continues to be built.

Prayer Warriors who are willing to put this ministry on their daily prayer list and faithfully pray over the leaders and upcoming events or conferences. They will be updated with the information as it is scheduled along with the names of the key leaders, their own ministries and families for prayer purposes. We are also looking for those who would be willing to travel alongside of apostolic teams as they are established in the future.

Financial Partners who can send their finances towards the work. It takes finances to insure that the proper functioning of any ministry is established. Also it provides a means of being a part of this growing networking ministry as we reach out to the nations. All finances will be used to directly build the ministry.

Resource Partners are those who might not have monetary means of support but have access to resources which could be used in the countries abroad. Africa is far behind on technology and any type of equipment that could help to connect the continent such as computers, printers, faxes, cell phones, or other communication equipment is in great demand. The ministry will need things such as cameras, camcorders, laptop computers, and such things as to record the progress of the events in each country and provide an accurate report back to the leaders and partners. Some may have access to recording studios, multimedia exposure, businesses or organizations who can donate services or training skills to empower people. Time is as valuable as money.

Food is another commodity that can be considered, especially into the third world countries, so partners with the knowledge of accessing food and the process of shipping it overseas. Medicine or those who have access to medicine or medical skills to either send or travel alongside of an apostolic team into various countries.

Other Partners are those who do not fall into any of the above categories but have something to give to the ministry that might not have even been conceived yet in the mind. These people are usually forerunners in thought and we would love to hear of anything that will enable this ministry to fully impact the locations where the Spirit send these teams of men and women.

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